Myrtle Beach

In partnerwhip with Harena Data Inc and Visit Myrtle Beach, we’ve created a national esports recruiting program known as the “Golden Dragons.” As part of this program, esports players across the nation compete in a regular year-round gaming series for a chance to join the Myrtle Beach-based esports team, earn scholarships, and win an all-expense-paid family vacation to Myrtle Beach.


AYCE and Harena Data launched a partnership with Daytona Soccer Fest to organize and broadcast a FIFA 21 esports tournament to be held at Daytona International Speedway on July 4th weekend, 2021. Youth esports players in a six-month-long series of qualifier tournaments for FIFA 21. The qualifiers will be available to compete virtually or physically. The top players will win an all-expense-paid trip for them and their families to an on-site championship match at Daytona Soccer Fest.