The American Youth Cooperative for Esports’ (AYCE) sole focus at all times is the benefit of its members by expanding opportunities for youth players around the country through esports and video gaming. Such opportunities for youth members include esports scholarships and safe play tournaments and leagues facilitated by our COPPA certified platform and Safe Sport team. We work together with associations as a de facto buying group, obtain sponsorships, and assist in advertising placement in order to help your esports program grow.



Through AYCE’s merchandise store, our associations can purchase uniforms, gear, accessories, and mobile concessions for their esports teams/leagues all in one streamlined location.




Player Age Verification and Certification Process-Through AYCE, all players are age verified via their state soccer association. This is beneficial to your members because members will play with age-appropriate players in video game events.

Parental involvement and engagement-Parents have the ability to monitor their child(ren)’s account or manage everything on the video game platform.

Safe Harbor Certified and COPPA compliant for youth player registration-the AYCE video game platform, powered by GYOScore, is COPPA certified. This allows children under the age of 13 to create an account with parents monitoring or managing the account.

Kids as young as 7 years old can participate in the program and will be pooled with other age appropriate players.Safe Sport Certified-The staff at GYOScore is Safe Sport Certified in order to safeguard and monitor any type of misconduct.Unique programs for boys and girls to maximize engagement from all-Such programs create various competition types (social, league, tournament, social) in order to give children the ability to select what type of play they wish to be involved in.

What Kids Learn

  • Sportsmanship by creating a positive attitude, learning to give their best effort, and treating others with respect.
  • Competitive spirit allows for a child to be enthusiastic and form a healthy sense of competitiveness that gives them the ability to confront challenges in life head on and manage stress.
  • Responsibility-kids will learn to empower themselves through the decisions they make as they are in charge of ensuring matches and reporting scores are completed.
  • Time management-the ability to organize and plan their day accordingly, so they attend matches on time.
  • Communication-learning to engage with others in order to work together effectively and form stronger bonds and teamwork.
  • Teamwork by working together by communicating effectively and learning to work with others.
  • Problem Solving-it is an important process that helps children think about what they need to do and how to effectively execute the task (example, get the ball from their opponent and score a goal in FIFA).